A Little Bit About Nothing, But A Lot About Everything :)

Okay, so I have been very excited to come home from the market today to blog, because I have so many things going through my head, and so much I want to say :). Please excuse my being all over the place, because my mind operates at a million miles an hour, and I truly have a very difficult time trying to rein in all of my thoughts, and all the contentious voices for my attention inside my head. 

For the past two weeks, my number one objective was to secure a job with The Ram, as I have already mentioned previously. Throughout that time, I was very distraught, and I wondered to myself why the whole world always conspires against me. That's not actually true, I like to exaggerate from time to time, but, I will have to honestly admit, nothing in life ever comes easy for me, but its much more fun that way :). And so, I may or may not have fabricated some parts of this blog for both our entertainment. "are you not entertained!" 

So I had grand plans of making more kimchi to vend at the Fremont market, after I found out I got a job with The Ram this past Tuesday. I didn't really want to do anything in life except drink my life away and eat in excess until I knew I had secured a job. As it turns out, I woke up on Wednesday morning with a crazy whirlwind of sneezing, and I just thought to myself, I know where this is going. But being as stubborn as I am, I decided to show up at my local Starbucks, coughing and sneezing away like nobody's business, while I did some reading on cars. That has been my usually routine of late, having coffee and surfing the internet for about and hour and then heading to the gym. For some reason, when I arrived at the gym, I was feeling fine, and I decided to spend about two hours there (not recommended). So I was feeling super great and indestructible and everything, so I decided to go home. That's when everything hit the fan. I started coughing and sneezing uncontrollably, and snot was running out of my nose without any filtration. And I am thinking to myself, are you serious right now?! Why can't I just live my life and enjoy a little bit of success? 

In any case, as is always, I tried to take it like a champ. I had all intentions of crafting more kimchi for the following week, but my cold, for once, had finally kicked my ass. And I was in no shape to be making any kimchi. When I was in the Air Force, I don't ever recall taking a sick day. And luckily for me, they have all been colds. And I told myself, its only a cold, nothing to be taking time off for, so I would always show up to work even with a cold. I figured, if there are soldiers risking their lives on the front line of combat, sacrificing everything they've got, I could very easily weather a silly cold. But, as I transitioned to government work, and the Veterans Affairs Health Administration, of all others, I came to realize that people don't want you to show up to work with a cold, because they may catch it themselves. And being in the food industry, and taking various different courses for food safety, the number one thing is, if you're sick, do not show up to work. Luckily for me while I was working for the VA, I was given a certain amount of sick leave every month. So for the first time in my life, even if I wasn't sick, I'd just call in sick, because, hey, it was free vacation time. 

One time I broke my pinky, while under the employment of the federal government by hurting myself carrying a very heavy load of laundry. I had to get surgery done, and I took about a week off to "remedy" my injury :). Another time, while hastily running down the stairs, with a heavy load of laundry, I slipped, fell, plummeted, and broke my toe. And let me assure you, alcohol was not ever involved in either cases. So I went to the emergency room, and the doctor told me to get some rest, so I took another week off :). I was pretty good taking a lot of different description pain medication. 

My broken pinky :). 

My broken pinky :). 

So back to all things relevant. I had a crazy fit of illness last night, and I was in and out of sleep, and I looked at the time, and it was about 05:00, and I told myself, I do not want to go to the market today. But I laid in bed, questions my thoughts and I told myself, John Tran, with great powers comes great responsibilities, and you can't let everyone down. So I woke up at about 0800, and I got to preparing for the market, grudgingly. 

So I decided to show up at Fremont today, and I just happened to show up when everyone else decided they wanted to show up at the same time, so, to say the least, it was kind of a circus for the market organizers trying to get everyone situated. And all during that time, when under stress and pressure, I noticed a lot of people showing their asses like baboons. And I just don't really understand it, just take it for what it is and lets all be cordial and work through it all. But, as is in life, and as is in people feeling empowered behind driving their vehicle on the roads and road raging because they feel protected under their cocoon, they show their asses, and its very disappointing. But it is what it is. 

In any case, today at the market was very fun and interesting. It was very much fun because my gross sales were much higher than I would had anticipated, and I got to interact with my customers, fully aware, without having to worry where my next meal will come from. I had a really good time, because now I can slow down and watch John's Kimchi grow at a natural, organic rate, instead of me trying to force-feed everything down its throat, and, without fail, be fully disappointed in the process. 

One interesting interaction was, when a girl (presumably Korean) came up to my booth and told me she wanted to purchase a 16oz jar of kimchi from me, without having even sampled it. I found this to be totally out of left field, because, I have noticed, to my disappointment, that whenever asian folks walk by my stall, they seem to laugh, snicker, or chuckle to themselves, as if saying, really, someone is trying to sell kimchi at the market?! And it is disappointing, because when I had conceived John's Kimchi, I had expected my customer base to be mainly Asian folks, and I thought to myself, where would be a better place to start a kimchi business than in Seattle, Washington, where there are a diverse amount of asian people. To my disappointment, Asian folks account for less than 20% of my customer base - I will go into detail on this in a later post.

But to my dismay, she actually wanted to purchase kimchi from me without trying a sample, from an asian person, and that is rare, based on my experience. And being me, I don't like to sell my product unless they are absolutely satisfied with it. So I implored her to try a sample, anyways. And she agreed. Upon sampling, she said never mind, she would like to purchase a 32oz jar instead. Which was absolutely surprising, assuming she is Korean and they are my hardest critics. Then she told all of her friends to come up to my booth. So, literally, about 12 of them, all in their early 20s, rallied up at my stall. And I am thinking to myself, this has never happened before, so much interest in my kimchi from young, Asian folks. As I have mentioned, most of the Asian girls that pass by my booth never look twice, and if they did, they either snickered, scoffed, laughed, or giggled (I fancy that they giggled because I am bald and almost handsome, but that is never the case). 

So at this point, I have kind of lost track where I am going with this blog. 

Oh, so I start my orientation and training on Monday, tomorrow, pacific time. I had ordered three different pairs of jeans in anticipation of my new job :). I ordered them in sizes 30x29. The only problem is, I have let myself go for much too long, and I can't, for the life of me, button up those pants. Sure, If I was at my ideal weight of 135lbs, I could fit into them easily, but I am bordering on 170lbs. Being unemployed does that to you :). So its time to get super serious about losing weight, and bringing sexy back. Maybe I will chronicle my weight loss journey here with all of you. But I warm you, the before photos aren't very pleasing to the eyes, but its always fun to try to lose weight. 

My new work pants, and Amazon decided to send me a dog as a special offer :). 

My new work pants, and Amazon decided to send me a dog as a special offer :). 

So, when I started this blog, I had it all set in my mind on how I would integrate my secretary into this post. But, after a few beers, I have totally forgotten. But I would like to say, I am very happy that my secretary has the best CEO possible, and I am happy for her. She's been through it with me since day one, and I appreciate it. She's probably the sweetest girl you'll ever meet, and I am glad she has me in her life. My favorite photo of her is embedded below. 

Okay, time for my ramble to end. Until the next. 

-The Kimchi Whisperer-