End of Year Holiday Promotions: Save up to 22% on John's Kimchi

Starting tomorrow at Fremont, and until the end of the year, I will be offering a promotional discount on my kimchi products, so come out to the market and purchase yourself some kimchi at a great price! They also make a great, small, additional Christmas gift and as stocking stuffers :). I look forward to seeing everyone out at Fremont for the upcoming month! 

Regular price was $10 for 16oz jar, and $18 for 32oz jar. Discounted prices will be $8 for 16oz and $14 for 32oz. 

Also, I have been entertaining the idea of reinstating my E-commerse store to include shipping. I will most likely being using United Parcel Service or Fedex as my logistic provider. The price of shipping will be expensive, but I believe I will be able to ensure proper delivery through these services, as opposed to the many lost and damage packages I experienced with USPS. I will be ramping this up in the following days and week. I am not expecting my E-commerse store to generate any appreciable means of revenue, but rather, I want to let my customers have the options of ordering John's kimchi if they really want it, and I have had many enquiries as to whether I ship or not, so I believe it is time. 

Thank you! 

-The Kimchi Whisperer-