First Week of Operations

The first week of operations with John's Kimchi has been an interesting ride. I had a friend visit from out of state through most of the first half of my store's opening, so I was not able to devote much time to the business, but her visit was well worth it :). I see a lot of potential in her becoming my executive secretary. 

I grossed $476 my first complete week, which is decent, and I expected it to be slow-going for the first few months as I build awareness for my brand. I will definitely have to gross at least three times that much per week in order to sustain myself and my business, but I am keeping positive, and I believe it is all an eventuality. 

I had originally looked towards selling my kimchi through in order to secure a steady stream of income, but my first signing up with Amazon's professional seller's account was fraught with challenges, and I did not feel comfortable from the beginning, so I decided to cancel my business account in order for me to have time to really do some research on the pros and cons of doing business on Amazon. As I did more research, I started to realize that I would be just another merchant on Amazon, and I would not really be doing much to build John's Kimchi as a brand, because I would not be able to promote my own store through Amazon's listings. That, and Amazon would charge an approximate 15% commission fee off every sale I make on their website. All that knowledge did not sit well with me, so I will not move forward with selling through Amazon. Besides, I want to be able to say I built John's Kimchi with my own bare hands :). 

I believe the next order of business is for me is to look into and participating in as many farmers market within my local community as possible. I believe that will be key to my success as I am scaling my brand. But I also love that my business is an online business, because, eventually, it will have a greater reach than anything I could acheive locally. 

On a positive note, I have had two individuals contact me through my Craigslist ads and have purchased from me. That is very promising to know. I have also had one person purchase from me through my friends on Facebook sharing my opening week's post of John's Kimchi. 

This week has been a busy week for me, and it will continue to be busy. I want to be able to get into the commissary sometime this week to make another 500lbs of kimchi so that I can feel safe and secure about my inventory level, and so that I can focus on other aspects of my business. I still have my MBA coursework to contend with, all throughout, and I have my upcoming move into my very own apartment this Saturday, April 2, 2016, and I will need to take a few days off from work to move in, organize and decorate my new home. 

In any case, John's Kimchi and I really appreciate all the support that we have received so far. It means a lot moving forward. 

Thank you! 

-The Kimchi Whisperer-