John's Kimchi Is Looking To Expand

Hello Everyone: 

As I was sitting at home working on my business analytics homework involving linear optimization problems, I had becoming increasingly frustrated and confounded by the coursework, because I cannot perform math problems for the life of me. I have already mentioned to my friends on Facebook that I failed college calculus four times, and eventually passing it the fifth time around, which imparted unto me the teachings that either I was a very persistent individual, or I was just never cut out to be an astronaut. And as we all can see, I am clearly not working for NASA at this point, nor will I be at any point, as a matter of fact :). 

So as I started to lose focus, I allowed my mind to meander for a bit until it arrived at my thought conscience of my business. I think about my business often, and I am always looking forwards to ways in order to improve efficiency, reduce costs, drive sales, and expand, but all of that has not been very easy to accomplish considering I have very little market exposure at this point. 

In any case, I have had grand plans of expansion once my business gained traction, and I wanted to save and reinvest all the profits into building my very own storefront/restaurant - that, and to avoid having to pay taxes on income and dividends if I were to pay myself a salary :). What I had planned to do with the expansion was to add hot meals to my product lines, some of which would really complement my kimchi. I did not believe that was feasible until I had my own restaurant, and for a place for people to come in and order and take out or dine in. Then I started to thinking, there are a lot of people I am working alongside in the commercial kitchen that are preparing food and selling it to the market. Why couldn't I do it?! 

So, yet again, I am revamping my business plan. I want to initially introduce three or four really select food products that I have received positive reviews on, and those are: Jackie's Change Your Life Fried Rice (this was a recipe I created on my own, and my friends always want me to make it for them), Pho, Ribs, and Buffalo Chicken Wings. As you can see, there are no rhyme or reason to these food combinations, and I am not attempting to stick to any cultural food dishes, nor will I cop out and call this a fusion restaurant. These are just some foods that I find absolutely delicious, and I want to bring the joy to the world :). Please see photos embedded below: 

At this point, I am not really sure how I will work out the logistics of bringing these food products to market or everything I needed in preparation in doing so. I may just designate Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings for pick-ups from the commissary or something. Everything is still in the works, but at least I get to move forward with my business, instead of waiting on the world to change. 

-The Kimchi Whisperer-