Custom Jars

Hello Everyone: 

I am absolutely excited to introduce to you all my new custom 16oz and 32oz jars (only the 32oz jar is represented)! Everything is FDA compliant, and you may see my new jars at South Lake Union Saturday Market, Fremont Sunday Market, and Phinney Farmers Market. 

I will also be looking to getting a custom label design at a future date using my current business logo and nutrition facts information. 

Eventually, and hopefully soon, you may start seeing my kimchi on the shelves of Whole Foods, PCC, Trader Joes and the like - I will post a more in-depth blog about the aforementioned at a later date. 

The establishment that I am currently procuring the bulk of my produce is comprised of Asian staff, and they asked me what kind of business I conduct, so I told them my business is crafting kimchi. They have requested samples since last week, but I didn't have any produced yet, at the time, that was adequately fermented for them to sample. But, I will be bringing this very jar tomorrow for them to taste when I go back for more Napa cabbage :). 

Please tell me what you think :)! 

-The Kimchi Whisperer-