Meet "Kimchi" the Yorkshire Terrier

Hello Everyone: 

About four months ago, my secretary and I decided to visit this Yorkie breeder on the western peninsula of Washington. The reason being, her puppies are quickly accounted for as soon as a new litter of pups are announced, so I wanted to get a sure buy-in in order to secure the next dog. 

Initially, I was going to get a chocolate male Yorkie and name him "Bandit." Bandit was my last male Yorkie that passed away about this same time last year. Unfortunately, Bandit v. 2.0 turned out to have a serious heart murmur, and he was no longer for sale. This left me very disappointed and impatient.

After finding out Bandit had a heart murmur, I told the breeder I wanted another male from her future litter as long she is healthy, and she mentioned that another one of her females were having a litter in the upcoming few weeks. She told me I had first pick on the next male pup the comes along. as it turns out, the next litter was comprised of all three females. 

At this point, I have already waited two months, and i would have to wait another two and a half months once a male is born to bring him home. so then I entertained the idea of a female Yorkie, and the breeder proceeded to inform me that if it makes me feel any better, that female dogs bond closer with their male owners than male dogs.

long story short, i waited another ten weeks in order to bring "Kimchi" home. originally, i was going to name her Pineapple, but my secretary really insisted on "Kimchi," and the name stuck. Please say hello to Kimchi, my twelve and a half week old female Yorkie. I have included a couple photos and a couple of videos of her. Please excuse my commentary in one of the videos.

P.S. my dog doesn't bond that closely to me. I've had her for about two weeks when my secretary  decided to come visit me, and in about two days, kimchi loves her more than she loves me. maybe its because I'm stern with Kimchi, and my secretary spoils her with affection.

Kimchi photo bombing my finished kimchi product

Kimchi photo bombing my finished kimchi product