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Six 16oz Traditional Kimchi (Pre-Orders)


This item contains six 16oz jars of kimchi, for pre-order. Order cut-off is Friday of every week, and will be produced and ready to ship out every following Monday. 

Shipping will cost an additional $14.00

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Handling Instructions: 

During transit, the box will probably be tossed around, so in combination with the fermenting process along the way, pressure will be built up. To ensure that the contents and juice doesn't rise up and overflow and cause a mess when you open the jar, I suggest placing the kimchi in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours so that the pressure will settle and you won't have a surprise when you open up the jars. And please keep the kimchi refrigerated, unless that is, you would like to ferment the kimchi longer, and I could provide further instructions to you then.