Hello Everyone: 

My name is John, and I am someone who loves to cook. Sometimes I would spend hours in the kitchen, having such a great time that when I take a moment to glance at a timepiece, I would wonder where all the time had gone. I love to entertain and cook for my friends and family.

One of the simple joys that I derive is from seeing the smiling faces and nods of approval that my cooking imparts - it puts all the work and energy in preparing the meals into perspective and confers to me the satisfaction of time and energy well-spent. 

Growing up, I was under the impression that I was not gifted with artistic talents, referencing "artists" as either painters, sculptors, musicians, composers, photographers, and the like. I was very sadden by my self-imposed beliefs. But as I grew older, I became quite aware of my keen affinity to write and to be able to tell stories through words and simple imagination. That was the turning point when I started to consider myself an artist as well, and I love the art of writing. 

With the aforementioned established, on a whim one day, I decided that I wanted to give cooking an attempt. I grew up affirming to myself that cooking was too much work and I would never be a good cook, but, for some reason, I was prepared to prove myself wrong. I believe the first real home-made meal that I decided to make was Pho, a very popular Vietnamese soup dish consisting of rice noodles and various kinds of cooked meats topped with various green vegetables and garnishes, and could be, arguably, a Vietnamese national dish. The preparation was laborious, but when I tasted the final product, I realized that I have made one of the best, if not the best, bowl of Pho I have ever eaten. 

My first attempt at Pho

My first attempt at Pho

Confident in my first cooking success, I attempted to cook some of my other favorite foods growing up. Cooking is an art, and your expression is through the careful method of cooking and the ingredients used to tell your story on an audience's palate. Nothing more, nothing less: 

One day, as I had a bit of free time on my hands, I thought to myself, "why not make some kimchi?" Kimchi had always been my favorite fermented asian food growing up, but I am a carnivore at heart, and I very much dislike vegetables, but I love kimchi! The only problem was, there were always so many inconsistencies as I tried different brands of kimchi from my local asian markets, so I decided to try my hand at kimchi that would be consistent in taste and deliciousness. I made my first batch of kimchi, and I was very satisfied with the end product, and, thus, John's Kimchi was conceived. 

Eventually, I would like to introduce to the world a combination of John's Kimchi in conjunction with "Jackie's Change Your Life Fried Rice" (I was given the name Jackie in the Air Force because my name is John Tran, and everyone likened it to Jackie Chan - go figure. And it stuck with everyone I knew in the military, so I continued the tradition.)

Please see image below of Jackie's Change Your Life Fried Rice: 

Jackie's Change Your Life Fried Rice

John's Kimchi Mission: 

John's Kimchi promises to offer varying varieties of handcrafted kimchi, where attention to the finest details are paid during production to provide you with the most delicious and sublime kimchi experience. My products are meticulously produced with much love and tenderness and every ingredient is handled with care and respect to bring you not only a great-tasting product, but also a beautiful work of art.

John's Kimchi's mission is to provide the best kimchi imaginable in the universe, ever, while providing the very best of customer support. My promise to consumers is to never stop learning and innovating in order to bring to the public the most delicious food products on the market. Customer satisfaction is the end game of my business, and I want to be in a business that makes people happy. 

John's Kimchi Vision:

John's Kimchi's vision is to be one of the most respected food authorities in the Pacific Northwest, but, namely, and initially, in the city of Seattle and its surrounding areas. 

My hopes are to open up various physical locations where consumers are able to walk into the restaurants to purchase some of the finest kimchi available on the market. The draw of John's Kimchi is that I provide a kimchi product that is not obtainable in local markets supplied by other kimchi manufacturers that produces their kimchi on a mass scale. John's Kimchi will always adhere to its promise of producing the best handcrafted kimchi on the market. 

In addition to to crafting artisan kimchi, my restaurants will, in addition, be offering to the general public a select variety of delicious meals to round out the whole John's Kimchi experience. There will be no cultural themes to abide by, where you can walk into one of my restaurants and purchase Oxtail Pho, Fried Rice, BBQ Ribs, Spaghetti and Meatball Subs just to name a few. All singular meal servings will allow you to feed a small family of pets, and not just yourself. Customers will never leave John's Kimchi and say to themselves, "I wish there was more to that dish that I ordered, I am still hungry." With John's Kimchi's food products, you will absolutely receive a lot of value for your money, while still offering very high-quality, delicious, premium products that will be a challenge to locate elsewhere. 

Thank you! 

-The Kimchi Whisperer-