Hello Everyone:

I understand that it has been a long time since I have posted on this blog because there was not much to post about ever since moving back to Orlando, FL. But, I am pleased to announce, after a little over a year since moving back to Orlando, I have finally gotten accepted into my first farmers market. The Winter Garden Farmers Market was gracious enough to allow me to become a vendor with their venue.

After conducting some further research into the market, I was pleased to discover that in 2016, the Winter Gardens Farmers Market was ranked number one in the nation out of 7,000+ markets. You can only imagine my excitement at this point, and I believe this is a very good start in growing my business here in Florida.

Now that things have caught some traction with my business, I will be more active with my blog, and hopefully I can entertain you all-the-while.

Thank you for you continued support and interest!

-The Kimchi Whisperer-