A Random Phone Call

Okay, so I have been busy training for my new serving job at The Ram since last Monday, and today was supposed to be my day off, but I was asked to come in today, to conduct a bit more training in order to take my final serving job examination. I had, with all intents and purposes, to make a batch of kimchi today, because I had taken off this Sunday from Fremont, and I will have to take next Sunday off, because I still haven't made any kimchi, and I require at least 10 days of fermentation before I bring my kimchi to the market. 

So I have been receiving a lot of random calls while I have been training away at my serving job, most of them bill collectors and 800 numbers. So I finally passed my serving test today, and I just wanted to just go home and celebrate, because it has been a long and trying week, and I don't have a day off until this coming Sunday, but a bOss always have to carry on and do what is necessary. So as I was at home cleaning my apartment and meal prepping, I received a call from an 800 number, and I am thinking to myself, great, another bill collection call. And I told myself, I don't have any money, so leave me alone. But I had decided to pick up anyways, and, to my surprise, it was one of my previous kimchi customers. She asked me if this was John from John's Kimchi, and I responded yes. She then proceeded to ask me how she could go ahead and order kimchi from me, and how the shipping process worked. So I informed her, as my usual speal, that I have encountered many difficulties when it came to shipping my kimchi. 

So I told her about my struggles starting John's Kimchi as an e-commerce store, but the lost and damaged packages with United States Postal Service rendered that avenue inoperable. I then asked her if she was local, and it would be easier for her to just order online and come pick up the kimchi in Northgate, right by the mall, since I live there. And she was delighted with that option, because she didn't want to pay for shipping, and I don't want my customers to pay for shipping unless they have to. But I did inform her that I have had many requests to ship my kimchi, and I am seriously thinking about starting my online business again. I had a customer purchase kimchi from me last week, and she asked me if I shipped, and I replied no. She said that she was going back to Hawaii, and she wouldn't be able to purchase anymore kimchi from me. So I told her, if you really want me to attempt to ship you kimchi, then just message me later on and I will do my best. So, at this point, John's Kimchi is only shipping out orders at special requests. 

In any case, I am sorry to disappoint some of my customers for not being at Fremont this past Sunday, and this upcoming Sunday. I have been very busy trying to get into the grove of my new part-time job, but I will be back soon. 

Thank you for everyone's support so far. I am getting quite famous, and I really don't know what to do with myself at this point 

Thank you! 

-The Kimchi Whisperer-